Digital Photography

Located in Orange County, Eye Magic has the digital photo equipment needed for almost any project. Canon, Nikon, and Mamlya cameras with a Leaf Aptus back are used in studio and camera selection depends on the image resoluation you're trying to capture and/or your final usage.

Product Photography

Eye Magic has maintained a high satisfaction rate shooting products of different shapes, sizes and colors.

  • We set the right environment and lighting to convey shots in the way they're intended.
  • Various camera lenses are on hand since it's not realistic to have "one lense fits all".
  • We shoot one object fully in focus and clip out or provide depth with focal points in group shots.

It's all a matter of preference, but almost anything can be accommodated.

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Set Photography

With a large half cove and studio space to spare, there's room for photo shoots that require more than the basic table top setup. Some examples include:

  • Car photography
  • Propped bedroom and living room sets
  • Interior and exterior how-to shots
  • Large and group product photography
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Location Photography

When the object being photographed can't be shot in studio, a plane for example, we offer half and full day location photography. Other examples that may require this service include:

  • Corporate Events
  • Company Office Photos
  • Large Machinery Photography
  • Sub-contracted Photography
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Model Photography

With an online model database and partnerships with local modeling agencies, we're able to get the right person in your shot when you need it. Excellent when shooting:

  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Propped scene
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