About Us

Initially started as prepress and retouching studio for ad agencies and corporate marketing departments, Eye Magic set out to expand services based on client needs and ever changing technology.

What is it that you do exactly?

There are two major parts that make up Eye Magic. There's the photography side and the post-production side. The photography side is made up of two shooting stations, including a 24' white seamless cove. The post-production side houses all our Photoshop(tm) stations, color-calibrated Epson(tm) printers and a Normlicht color booth for image correction.

Who normally uses you for services?

We are open to taking on projects of any size and scope, but we can say the majority of clients fall into one of three categories: ad agencies, corporate marketing departments, and designers. Here are a few scenarios to give you an idea of how we'd work with you:

Ad agencies: Between the account managers getting approvals, the creatives developing concepts and the production people trying to hit deadlines, a lot of times you're forced to take some post-production work outside. We'll retouch your images, alongside your creatives, and build your ad's final mechanicals and press ready pdfs in time for your drop dead date. We've even gotten extensions dealing directly with the printers.

Corporate Marketing Departments: When companies handle all their advertising in-house, it can be difficult to have all the equipment streamlined for color. It's necessary to have calibrated equipment for producing photo files that best matches your products on press. Having either product samples or clothing swatches, we color match as close as the CMYK color spectrum will allow. It'll save you time and money when you're not fighting it on press.

Designers: Sometimes a client asks for creative services that a designer may not be equipped for. We can run color proofs if you're sending something to press or we can retouch photos that need that extra wow factor. Stock images can work as-is, but putting a creative spin and having us photoshop(tm) those ideas, will really help make it your own.

Photographers: Color correction, retouching, HDR photo merging, and printed outputs are the most common services requested by photographers we work with. For color correction and retouching, art direction is given and multiple rounds are done until final approval is given. HDR is completed in posted production after multiple exposures of the same shot are supplied and merged to show the best color and detail. A photographer may have shots, can work the shots, but cannot output the shots for their commercial clients. Our wide-set inkjet printers can output images up to 44” wide on rolls of various media.

How long does it take for you to retouch an image?

That's all based on the complexity of the project. We're pretty good about estimating how many hours it'll take once we know what the final photo should look like. Obviously, if the concept changes and the "minor" fixes are excessive, this pushes us out of our original estimate and closer to your deadlines.

What software do you utilize?

The lastest versions of Adobe™ Photoshop™ for image retouching and color correction, Adobe™ InDesign™ for page layout and assembly, and PosterShop™ RIP for SWOP calibrated printer proofs.

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